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User Profile Settings

Adjust your preferences like distance to travel and categories you’re good at

Messages Inbox

We’ll keep you always updated with email notifications

Jobers List

We’ll provide you with a list of the best Jobers to help you

Live Chat Messages

Exchange messages with the client to make sure you’re the right fit


Put your availability on your own calendar so you never miss a Job

Job Location

Just share the Job location, and we’ll find you Jobers nearby to help you

Describe Tasks

Give the details of the Job by describing what needs to be done

Best Matched

We match Job requirements with Jober skills and location. The best Jober will be listed


After you review the Jober profile, just make a decision on the Jober of your preference

And much more!

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Read What People Are Saying About Us

“I just needed an extra hand to help with my move! Found one in minutes using Jobee! I'll definitely use it again”

- Julia D.

“Easy to use, simple and really efficient! I was able to decide who I wanted to help fix my fridge. I loved it”

- John W.

“Great platform to find people wanting to make some extra money! I needed help to get medication from the pharmacy, and there was someone around ready to help, I'll definitely use it again!”

- Andrea V.

How it Works

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Pick the Job location

First of all, tell us where you need help by putting the Zipcode. We need to make sure that we cover the area where the Job location is in.

Describe the Job and attach pictures if needed

Help the Jobers understand a little more about the Job by describing what you need done and attaching a couple of pictures if needed.

Pick the best Jobers for you

After answering the questions and giving us the details, we will list a few Jobers around you who best match your needs. Just check their profiles and pick the preferred one.

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